Toothy: Toothbrush Timer

toothbrush timer

Timers with voice-over instructions and plays music from your collection - to make cleaning teeth for an effective length of time less boring!

    Toothy works with either a manual or electric toothbrush and allows you to set reminders to:
  • Change your toothbrush/brush head every 3 months
  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss/clean interdentally every day
  • Use a mouthwash at a different time to toothpaste
  • When next to visit your dentist

Statistics and achievements will help to develop a habit.

The app helps keep your smile healthy and breath fresh. Also, by using this app you will rediscover your music collection.

There are short animated videos showing how to carry basic oral hygiene tasks such as flossing, using a toothbrush and mouthwash.