Habits: Daily Progress Tracker

Habits is a powerful habit tracker app that helps you build and maintain life-changing habits. This app is convenient and easy to use with a simple interface, iCloud sync, and stunning widgets for both lock and home screens. It features up to 30 predefined habits, reminders with personal motivational messages, and detailed statistics for both monthly and overall progress. The app includes an Apple Watch app with complications, Face/Touch ID app lock, dark mode, and haptic feedback on supported devices.

  • Simple interface
  • Convenient seven-day progress view
  • Notes
  • iCloud sync
  • Stunning Widgets for both Lock & Home Screens
  • Interactions with Widgets. Recognising touch gestures on a checkmark area on widgets and automatically applying changes to the habits after the app opens
  • Apple Watch app with complications
  • App Lock. Protect your data with Touch ID or Face ID
  • Dark Mode
  • Up to 30 predefined habits
  • Reminders with a personal motivational message and quick actions
  • Assigning different colors to habits
  • Various repeat options
  • Detailed statistics with monthly and overall sections
  • Calendar. Use a touch gesture on the month section to open a calendar that shows the past year's habit data. Add or delete a habit's record for a specific date using touch-and-hold gestures
  • Context menu and swipe actions for habits and notes
  • Quick Actions. Use touch and hold gestures on the app icon to quickly create a new habit
  • Haptic feedback on supported devices

By using Habits, you can track your progress and create a better version of yourself with ease. Download the app now and start building your life-changing habits today!